Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to Boracay!

Yesterday was awesomer than ever, super powered 4.8, nice chop and good motivation; that’s right, I’m baaack!

I went for skiing in the alps the week before this, and was just blown away (kinda like yesterday, buja) with how good the winter is this year in Europe. We had a full week of pow skiing, one day of hiking and insanely epic mountain decents, and to finish it all off – a day with face shots on the transport runs, waist deep, yeah dude!

Two days ago though I swapped the deep cold snow for a warm windy beach, and made my come back in 30 knots. Performance wise I was sailing sick, finally getting the Shaka down and landing like 20 of ‘em, including some two-in-a-rows. Super stoked on that move, it feels awesome, looks more awesome and can be done in the most awesome ways. Now I just need to get consistent at it on the flat, cause the big chop ain’t no thing. Johan told me that some of the ones I nailed were shoulder high, and I could actually feel it, since the landings got a little bit too flat stomped sometimes.

Speaking of Johan, he’s been working his ass off in my absence, landing Flakas in between shifts and is currently doing THE fastest Spocks I’ve seen. He’s actually too fast for himself, but it looks sweet nonetheless… We’re also being visited by our good friend Anders, a kiter from the surf center in Sweden who is ripping it up with new stylish tricks, kite wise. He’s been stealing my bed for a one more week to come, so in turn I’ve stolen a mattress from the surf center to put on the floor in the apartment. It’s not good, not even close to comfortable, but it gets the job done. I have the option to sleep wherever I want, so these previous two nights I’ve been sleeping outdoors in my kick ass mosquito net. Life is good.

We'll be back in business for real now in just a few days, since I'm down with a fever and Johan's got his knee fucked up. Stay tuned.


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