Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Man this is a nice island; nice beaches, cool people, good food and sick windsurfing. Me and Johan went to check out the beach on the other side of the island the other day, and got to do some skimboarding together with the locals. To be honest, these last couple of days have been a big wait for the grand opening of the center, windless and lazy, though with a few ideas from both sides we've been busy nontheless. Some days we're playing basketball with the native people on sand-courts and hoops built of bamboo. The next day we're walking across the whole island with our local friend Mario. One thing is always the same though, the eating, when you get a big lunch for 2 Euros there's just noting you'd rather do than just eat.

We've got the stuff now as well, but I'll get back to you with more info on that later.

Erik och Johan i Filippinerna! Dag sju. from Erik Håkman on Vimeo.



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