Saturday, December 19, 2009

What a month!

Man this place is just sooo fucking awesome, I love everything about it - except the fact that I'm leaving for Christmas to go back to Sweden. Right now I'm Manila, hanging out in my fucking crazy hotel room; to most people a pretty standard low budget hotel, but I'm not that used to luxury (room service baby!), hehe. Tomorrow is flight day, and I'll stay at home for the holidays out, but then it's right back down here ASAP. Man I miss everything already. Johan is staying, so he'll enjoy the loco Xmas celebration with the whole crew, and I really feel like I'm missing out on something right now.

Boracay is just the perfect place to me: you can surf (marami hangin), you can eat (masarap esda), you can meet so many cool guys (loco-loco kaibigan) and maybe even find your own maganda babae... I'm gonna be fucking fluent on the Tagalog next year! Yeah.

I surfed my paalanm gabe session yesterday, the last one for this year, and got kinda confused with myself; my new board is so different from the Naish in regular stance moves. I have some serious problems with all the old moves I used to do with my eyes closed before, like spocks and grubbys. You really have to reset your sailing position for a longer board like the Flare. Don't get me wrong, it's sick as fever, I just need some time to get used to it. On the good side of things I've found that all the new moves are a lot easier, like the Shakas and Konos, also doubles for switch are a piece of cake if you work it in the right way. Starboard gives you time, man.

Peace and love (and happy holidays) to all!

See ya


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