Monday, December 14, 2009

4.8 full power, Shaka and Sw Kono!!!

Jeeei, finally the wind is here, full power and rising. We're on our way into a sick week, and in just two days I've been able to learn Switch Konos - today I got a 360 (!) - and Shakas! The Shaka was by far the sickest move of my life, going full speed out towards the reef, carving super hard on a small chop just feeling the accelleration into the rotation. I pushed my sail down horizontally, flew round 180 (most certainly more) and landed full speed backwards just totally stomping the board flat on the water. Then all I had to do was to kick that shit round for a full 360, and that's what I did. The progression rate right now is just through the roof. Unbelievable. I had one attempt at a normal stance Kono yesterday, and almost landed that one too; the zone I'm in right now is just totally epic.



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Mr_Wolly said...

awesum new toys man..

keep ridin safe..