Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Doesn't it feel like you've been slapped in the face by nature?

This is insane. Nothing but easterly winds for more than a month straight now; how can this even be possible in this part of the world. Sure, with the trade winds and all it's one thing, but a totally pressure related wind system mostly depending on the temperature this time of the year, shouldn't be this static. Gotta do something about this.

What also changes with the wind is the behaviour pattern. Hold on to your hats.

My Limiteds are so dry and lonely, put em in my bathroom though, checking em out every time I take a shit... They wouldn't really stand solo, so I pinned em with my, just as new, hundred percent masts. What color? Why gold. Classic.

Got a pretty sweet Fiberspar all carbon - more like all awesome, what up(!) - boom heading my way as well, scheduled for a mail order check out somewhere around the time when there's still no wind. Better be worth it though, shit, that one piece of carbon awesomeness is practically as expensive as my board.

I work to much, my heas get's all messed up.



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