Friday, November 20, 2009

Philippines Baby!

Håkman and Johan are doing it global! Arriving at the small but siiick island of Boracay last night gave us a chance to get settled with stuff today, even though we're both fucking tired from the jet lag.

We've both got instructor jobs at Surfers Retreat, which is a windsurf center/surf school in association with Reef Retreat Resort, located spot on Bulabog beach. The center was recently started by a swedish guy named Ronald Schröder, and will officially open beginning of January.

Anyways, we had a really crazy ride here; local buses, a ride on a funny looking boat during a rain-storm and a lot more. Today was sick since we got to go surfing for a while. I was on my LE 4.8 and an 07 Flare doing some sliding in the crazy conditions - full power and flat as a pancake (!). Boracay is a crazy place for freestyle, racing or wave-riding (that's right, we got waves as well), and all the guys on the water are really cool, especially the locals.

What else? Yeeah we've got a special feature for all of you who know Swedish, or just want to see me on video... hehe.

Erik och Johan i Filippinerna! Videoblog dag ett. from Erik Håkman on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more, and make sure to take Boracay into consideration for your next windsurfing holiday!



1 comment:

Peter said...

Tjenaaaa grabbs
Shit det är ni på boracay! haha var nästan påväg dit förra året.
Jaa ni lär ju ha mer vind än det är här hemma.. och garanterat varmare.
Ha det så jäääääkla gött

/Peter på surfcentret