Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No wind, but a lot of fun stuff nonetheless

We haven't been surfing for a while now, I've only had a few sail-spinning sessions, but we've been up to a lot of different things recently; teaching the locals Swedish card games, trying all the different local restaurants, buying a basketball and playing at a native court with the guys who live in the huts nearby there, and so on.

There is a thyphoon moving in from the South-West, which sucks all the wind out and makes the weather dull, low pressure and a lot of humidity. Luckily the weather's stabilizing soon, which will start the season and kick the wind up for sure. For all of ya'll who're planning to come here, I can assure you that the fans will be turned on before the end of December.

We've got another episode of the videoblog, the quality sucks but, whatever...

Erik och Johan i Filippinerna! Dag fyra. from Erik Håkman on Vimeo.




Anonymous said...

Hej :D Vem äger vem på basket?

// ellen

Anonymous said...

snygga siffror

S-1988 said...