Friday, November 27, 2009

Another day without wind?

We have some huge typhoons circulating out on the ocean not far away from Boracay, and it's recently been stated that this particular one that is raging right now is one of the biggest, this year. The thing with the typhoons is that when they get really strong they also suck the wind into them; right now we've been without wind for a few days, no sun either for that matter. It seems like the typhoon is going in another direction now though, so the wind is supposed to come back one of these days now.

We have some brand new Starboard and Severne stuff coming in this weekend as well, so well probably be able to open the school and the rental service before long. We'll be open for rocking in the early days of December.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

villken jävla glidare du är håkman va. filippinerna, detta är bara förmycket...

gött å se att nån jobbar med något vettigt..
hade gött