Sunday, October 18, 2009

Making my moves Echo, Limited Edition-style!



I'll be rocking out with my .... out on these babies.

BTW, check out the hat while you're at it, also a very limited edition made by yours truly.

I got my new killer sails two days ago, and went out to try 'em yesterday; light wind testing, of course. New gear should always be pre-approved for sail-spinning. And these babies measured up and beyond all my expectation. I tried the 5.2 yesterday - got a 4.8 as well, both in pink (!) nanana - and it was so light, agile and precise, that it felt like my old 4.7s size wise. Was surprised me the most though, was how powerful it was, with the powered up leach and 4 battens, it just felt energized like crazy in all positions, ducking especially. Everything was so easy and it felt like I could really put the sail where I wanted it, not like my old Manic.

Now I'm just hoping for a little bit of wind so I can plane with them, either 4.8 or 5.2 doesn't matter, but I think the 4.8 will feel like my 4.0. Insane construction. I had two planing runs yesterday, and it powered up so quickly, giving me top speed in no time. Two Flakas on one run, I couldn't stop planing, even though the wind was the worst possible - North East.

Lookin' sweet

Ducking made silly-easy



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Johanna-Montana said...

:D:D:D Jag och Mäl har tummat på att beställa biljetter på måndag :D:D:D