Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What a wind!

Another 4.0 day for the record, full power all the way.

All the locals were out, and there was hectic and sometimes a little bit out of control freestyle action going on, between the freeriders and speeders who were gybing mid impact zone - of course. My first run out was sick; crazy speed in a Flaka just planing away to the other side for a Double Puneta, followed by a sick Shove-it on the flat. All the other guys did good as well, and MiniCalle finally learned the Double Flaka. Way to go man.

I landed my second Shaka, on the flat this time(!), but finished it nearly 6 feet deep. Not really, though it was pretty sinky... I had a few really good attempts as well, flying 180 in control over the flat, landing planing backwards. Naturally I didn't land them because of the incredibly gusty and strong winds, instead the sail got stuck in the water or flew away downwind in the Flaka-part of the move.

Johan was there as well - doing his Shitbay debut - and he was rocking in the big huge chop, finishing the session with an ankle-busting Spock crash, which has left him on land for a few days now.


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