Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top three? Read to see! The best? Might be!

For starters: there is only one size of sail really worthwhile using in Sweden, so you might as well sell, trow or give away, or just break everything else. Since I wrecked all of my other things, I've come to the conclusion that this is all I need. Plus a bit of duct tape, of course. Never leave home without it.

Marie-Sophie came to pick me up at 12 AM, and we went to the Bay to take a look at the situation. Didn't look too good, so one spaghetti, the worlds fastest power-nap and a few words of wisdom from the man, the myth, the legend, Speed-Janne later we were on our way to Torkelstorp. A place well known for it's shallow rocks and pointy sticks barely surfacing in various areas, but just as well for it's sick flat-flat water and good S-SE Kite and Windsurf possibilities.

ride there was pretty sweet on my side of things, her car is just crazy; we fit a full Windsurf- and Kitesurf kit with so much space left that it felt like we had to bring something else just to justify all the open space. My seat was, well, let's just say that I was pretty comfortable. Tipped back and relaxed to the max with only the obligation to tune the music, which I got to choose. Hard times.

we finally found the place - might be that none of us are that good at locating stuff - it was beyond all imagination. Full power 4.0, flatter than a ballroom floor with outside chop just lined up for Shaka action. We rigged and rolled, just crashing as much as possible having sooo much fun. Marie-Sophie threw sick, high, flat-water Railys on the wrong side, and claimed that she forgot that she didn't know how to do anything on that side. If that's true I have to start letting my mind wonder while I sail as well. I got my sickest Spock ever, keeping the sail behind me for the exit. Double here I come! I also figured out the Puneta totally, one-handed and planing and learned to get hang-time and nice rotation for the Shaka on totally flat water, but did also beat myself up quite a few times. We also had a face-plant crash of high level each, nice feeling. We had some pretty good laughs in each others misery. So much fun. I actually think I'm starting to like strong winds!

Things got more interesting when her Kite just blew itself up in the air. I know she's pretty good at crashing hard but this seemed like something out of the ordinary, so I was on a mission to find the board, which I did. But, apparently it's not cool to use handlebars on the boards, so I had a blast crashing around trying to take the board to shore. Then I towed girl+semi-inflated kite to shore, which is something I was pretty good at! All the other kiters and windsurfers gave us a few strange looks on the way in. It seems like kiters and windsurfers aren't really supposed to go hand in hand... Screw that!

I continued sailing and managed to land sliding backwards in a Shaka and also got really close to figuring out a few other ones. Then we had a little in-water photo-session, which was so nice cause I just couldn't get myself to crash. That's really good for being someone who generally crashes left and right all the time. I got all my switch-moves and almost another Sw-Kono. Yeah!

Then we finished up de-rigged and I got to experience how twisted kite lines really can get after a self-rescue. Good thing I already had some MP3-headphone-cord practice. The ride home was as nice as the one there if not better, cause the seat seamed to be even more like a bed than before. I just laid back and took it pretty easy. There is nothing better than road-trippin' with good company!

Top three greatest days this summer, no doubt!



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