Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To much weed man

I had way to much of that sticky green yesterday - on my fin that is. Askim was flooded with long green grass straws that just wanted to slow you down, but nevertheless I managed to stick some new moves.

I can do all the Switch-moves pretty much flawlessly by now (except the Flaka), so trying new stuff is something that's been on my mind for a while, even though I don't really know what to get at right away. So, messing around with the Puneta in different variations was the topic for yesterday, and I got some one-handed cana brava-style ones. What excited me the most though, was claiming two Double Punetas; first time since Bonaire! I think I might get some doubles on the other variations as well, sooner or later. It's just all about being quick enough to twist around the second time, as soon as you the first 180.

One guy who really brought it yesterday was Johan, Mr. Lionman, who finished his first ever Spock two days ago, right in front of me. It was a sick one, cause he got stuck in the sand and still managed to flip the sail smoothly. Yesterday he went crazy and busted out 5 new ones, just so so powered up barely touching the water. A force to be reckoned with, no doubt. Marie-Sophie seemed to be enjoying herself as well, learning how to flat-water fly sky high in the kids end of the pool. If you wear regular shoes there, the water won't reach over the sole. That's how shallow it is.

More surfing today, I wanna make a Shaka so bad.


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Anonymous said...

you are the Mr Seweed man