Monday, September 21, 2009


Imma keep my promise and give you a short but sweet edit from my last day in the Bay, filmed and put together by Erik Andersson. We managed to hit the wind-drop right on, so I got to do what I (IMO!) do best - pump! We had pumpable wind for merely 15 minutes, after which it dropped flat out dead. I figure though, that this might be a time as good as any to show you more of my home, and maybe give you a hint on what it might look like on one of those awesome days (we never get any, but imagine, still...).

Oh, and when you watch the vid, make sure to notice just how fly my wet-suit is. It's kind of a three piece thing, like a leg, shirt, arms kind of deal. At least I've got my green harness...

Shitbay-style from Erik Håkman on Vimeo.



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youp said...

yeah man!! i can see you had some got wind:P