Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rig and rip... what I did to my 5.3. I'll tell ya, this sail is so beat up that when I rolled it out to rig it up, half of the big middle window just ripped apart. Duct-tape solved the problem and I was soon on the water, taking good care not to land on the sail; in which case it probably would've disintegrated totally.

I started out doing some old moves, and then I committed to learn something new. Gozzada is one of the moves that I haven't been able to make fully planing yet, so it felt really good to claim a handful pretty solid ones. The trick was to make sure that the sail was really powered at take off, which helps the rotation a lot if you pull in with the back hand while you pop. To get a nice slide you just have to jump far enough round to allow the sail to push for the 540 finish.

The wind increased like crazy and I prepared my 4.0, already so tired that I could fall asleep - which is what MiniCalle did in the surf-club before he was woken up by Kelso and finally got out to join me and bust out (read: slam) Toads. Trying Shakas and SS-Konos was not too successful, even though I got a sick planing Shove-it on the flat. Wanna know who killed it the most? I think that badge is going to Ian for his Forwards in the shallow end. One time he surfaced after a huge crash on a really flat and low one, saying: "Man, that wasn't a chop at all!" Number two on the list of sweet things is definitely me and MiniCal doing a synchronized spray on Ian, just flooding him with toxic, board-discoloring Shitbay water.

There is still wind to take, so look for another update tomorrow.



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