Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The bay with an A

Wow, big winds this weekend, and needless to say a lot of heavy crashing and sick moves.

Since I had to work the whole weekend, I decided to stash all my gear at the surf center, and just go sailing really early in the morning until work started. Good decision in one way, a bad one on the other hand; I really got my Shakas on and almost landed a few, but managed to break my 4.7 totally in half - destroyed. With approximately 30 knots of wind I was overpowered out of my mind, and just tried to go for the biggest ramp out there to get some hang time for my Shakas. I've never been able to rotate more than a regular Shove-it before, but as of this Saturday that was no more. Fully 180 or more in the air, getting blown off by the back-wind, just slamming the board and myself into - more like onto - the water. Awesome feeling though.

Anyways, I had a really good attempt where I landed upright but managed to stick the sail in the water when I landed. I slipped off the boom and just totally pounded my whole arm through the second window of my 3 year old 4.7 Manic. I was pretty upset, mainly because I realized that I'd have to rely on my 4.0 for at least two weeks on, but also since that was the last piece of my equipment originally from Surfcompaniet - the local shop in the Fbay, which shut down about 2 seasons ago.

4.0 went on to be just perfect though, and the ramps increased in size as well, so we had a blast all day. And who were we? Me, Marie-Sophie and Johan of course! All of us were stepping out of our comfort-zones, not that I think that Johan has one but... He was going big with his Air-vulcanos; almost rotating a full Spock in the air above me. Just a few more days with the right tips and - preferably without 3 seconds of hang-time - he'll be planing out of Spocks, I'm sure. He might be the only guy who scored off-the-lip aerials too. Big power, big steeze. Hehe.

The biggest prop though, is definitely going to Marie-Sophie. She used to be just flown around with his Kite all over the place, but now shes Back-rolling and Raily-flying like it was no thing. All it took was just a bit of enticement. One particular move was really sick; she went for what looked like it might be a back-roll but came out of the carve to much in the front and just threw a flat sky high Raily - if you can't picture it already, it looks kinda like Superman flying (without the suit though) - which she stomped so fucking hard. Straight legs, ankle-deep water, 5 meters off-shore - Sick impact. Sweet.

Oh, and I landed my first Switch Kono in front of Johan. Apparently it was both high and clean. He also told me that one of the Shakas were taller than myself. Crashed it though. Bummer.



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