Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last week sickness

This week has been just craazy; surfing all day every day trying new shit, doing old moves with new style and just crashing loads and loads of times. Sweet.

I'm gonna try to recap what went down, briefly.

Let's see... On Friday I went down to the Bay to fix my board - broke it on land, of course - and managed to combine that with repairing my wet-suit, that's what it's all about, repairing stuff. My wet-suit has soo many holes, and even more stitches. I need a wet-suit sponsor, or maybe I should just start a wet-suit repair business. Hmm. Tough call. Anyways, I met Nikke and the wind cranked on for a while so we hit the water, with him on the kite and me on my freshly repaired windsurf board. Really light winds, incredible efforts to pump onto planes, radical though slow moves landed.

day after began with me an MiniCalle going to F-bay for a supposedly Southbound session, but no, that was not the case. We surfed South-East winds inside the bay for a while - the most annoying and gusty winds in the country - and then decided to go for a trip to the other side of the sea. It took us like 20 minutes going full power, once we got clean wind in our sails. When we arrived to the other side, a huge cruiser ship passed us and kicked up some clean ramps that we went nuts on. Then we went home, packed our bags and went to another spot: Askim. This is where I work, and I've actually never liked it that much, but a day like the day of the day today was just epic. Night-session, fun crowd (Photographer Erik, Downstairs-wetsuit-rash Johan, "I like it when it's shallow when I fly my kite" Mackan and Johanna-Montana) and good clean South-West winds. Props to MiniCal's mom for supporting us with restaurant class food at his place, before the session.

I left my gear at the surf-center, knowing that the winds would still be pin-point SW the next day. Did I score again? Oh yeah. A full day at work (!) just freestyling my brains out, doing a old guy clinic. I managed to hit on of the steel buoys when I was going powered up with 4.7 across the sailing area, and it felt like a full on hockey hit, which left my shoulder pretty screwed for a while. So, I went up and changed into off water clothes to wait for another night session. This time it was full on, with 4.7 again, and a clean spot to rip some switch moves. I was in the zone for starters; 15 moves without crashing, mainly fully plaining. The best feeling. All the dudes from yesterday joined in as well, so it was really a highlight of the day.

brings us to yesterday, finally, when we saw Fiskebäck in a far from perfect condition. The wind was crappy and the water choppy as hell. I was on 4.7 barely able to get speed. The pics underneath show some stuff that Fredrik @ Kulingvarning.nu convinced me to do when I was half way through de-rigging my sail. The clip has courtesy of André, who's new camera was tested and rated ghetto-proof.


Me in my invisibility rash guard

One-handed hang time

The Fbay orchestra: Nikke on kite and me on boom.

One-handed Switch-Chachoo

Fredrik knows his Photoshop like the lens of his Lexus

3 moves, low power, cool editing. Big up André.

Håkman S-1988 in his right element



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