Monday, August 3, 2009

Like it like that

Once again, I got it on on my island when there was no wind at all at home. Summer surfing is better further up on the West Coast, at least so it seems.

First of all, I packed all my gear and managed to forget half of the rest - just like always - but finally got on my way from the completely dark sky at home, to arrive to a totally sunny Lyrön that had a perfect 5.3 Westerly going on. This was about 4 o'clock, so I just got straight to rigging, and after stitching my wetsuit together (that shit is about to disintegrate, hehe) I just swam out through the channel and started up-winding to get to my fav. spot. This might very well have been THE sickest session this summer. I was so perfectly powered, that not even the intense chop would take me off my game. I was throwing down all over the place; three moves on each side, coast to coast, as the expression goes in basketball terms, plus it's pretty fitting since I was ripping between two islands. Grubby, Flaka, Spock on Port. E-slider, Funnel, Puneta on Starboard. I found my niche this day, doing as much as you can with the least amount of preparation possible. It was kinda like going in a heat against myself. I got back in at about 9. 5 solid hours.

Two days after my master-session, I brought the lil' sis to the notorious East spot: CB (Creak-Bay or Bäckevik), where we rigged small, seriously small. She'd never been out in winds stronger than 12 before, but this particular session saw a constant 12 with tops around 16. Time to step up for the challenge, in other words. Of course she just totally nailed it, going 4.0 while I was on 4.7. We had a lot of fun zipping back and forth trying crazy moves all over the place. The session came to a brutal end when the skies just couldn't hold it in any more, and just let down so much rain that it was almost drier beneath the surface.

Be back before u know it.


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