Friday, August 28, 2009

Kulingvarning is the best, why?

...Because thats what we want, that what Sweden needs in the present situation. More wind, more movies, less talk and more action.

I had a pretty rocking 4 hour session with Konstantin - he's getting good by the way, almost Spocking - and got some company from Fredrik who tried to make us stick on tape for a while, which might not be the easiest task.

4.7 shitfacedly underpowered, worst possible WSW direction and so on, but oh so nice filming and editing and overall movie making though. Nice day and a few good runs. Oh yeah, we got a movie coming up!

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to give it up for Mr. Multi-media, the man who throws a duckjibe harder, buys an objective for his camera that makes a girlfriend madder, and visits the Bay more frequently to make more fun of my latest ideas for ridiculous freestyle moves than anyone else...

Fredrik! Stright Outta Fiskebäck proudly presents (totally without permission and with no rights reserved) his debut-movie, appropriately entitled "Da Fish".

Dafish from on Vimeo.

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