Thursday, August 13, 2009

Full day, full on freestyle fun

Finally, the wind is back. Yes!

I've been away for a while, sailing around the islands on the West Coast with the family, takin' it real easy. There are some sick spots to be discovered out there, I can tell you that much; it might be better suited for sailboats than windsurfers though.

I got back home just a few days ago, and got working at the surf center right away. We were having this kids camp, where 12-15 year-olds got into windsurfing, and I got down with some light-wind-big-board sail-flipping (kinda like Ceasar but not good, hehe). I worked out that Matrix thing, where you stand on the bottom of the sail and spin out from a back-winded position. Since I really wanna start trying Burners and Culos, I also tried to mimic the movements on the big board, which resulted in a few nasty crashes - the kids on the camp were laughing their asses off. I think it might help though, as I really threw the sail and spun all the way in the air. Nah, well. Maybe not.

Yesterday saw a full day of wind, starting out with 4.7 around 8 o'clock (yeah man, early bird gets the worm!) which then shifted to 5.3 later on. The thing was that I had my mind set on sailing the wind out, going on until there was nothing left, which the forecast guessed to be somewhere before lunch time. Eeeh, they guessed wrong. The wind stayed for the whole day out... So did I. When I got out of the water I clocked some solid 8 hours of freestyle training. Nice.

The thing out of the ordinary today was that I got to try slalom sailing on one of the local racers gear. I have nothing but respect for those dudes; they're going so fast, really pushing it, and sometimes crashing really, really hard. That last thing, I did. I wasn't even going that super fast, but I managed to get into the straps - my racer friend did not wear boots, and his feet are really small, plus I'm used to huge switch-friendly holes to put my feet in. Anyway, I got into those minimal things, and the board just shot away full power. "OK, hold on and hope for the best," I thought and sheeted in. The outcome was probably not the best, as I got slammed hooked in face first over the top way harder than ever before. Wanna know how way? Like way, way. Haha.

When I got back to shore my friend asked me if hit a rock or something, and I answered: "Nah, I hit the wall."

More sailing today. I can see the wind in the trees.



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