Monday, July 27, 2009

Surf-club sleep-over & nice night-session

Me and my buddy (his name is also Erik) - AKA my new and personal filmer/photographer - had a late night out, but didn't really feel like calling it a day, so I came up with the idea to camp in the club-house and go for a ridiculously early break-of-dawn session. That, we did.

We got up at 6 AM, after 3 solid hours of sleep, to wake a to a totally blank sea and absolutely no wind, so we went for a sail spin/hard core pumping-jumping session instead of taking time to do a proper photoshoot. We got a few pics though. Featured below...



No wind fun

We were packed and ready to hit the streets to drive to work at 12 AM, but did decide that since the wind just kept getting better and better as the day went on, we just had to go for a night-session after work. Erik was tired though, so he grabbed his camera to get some action-shots in the sick sunset lighting. We also brought another friend, who right now is into the wrong kind of surfing, but we might be able to change her mind about that...

Me and Marie-Sophie

Full power!

OH Funnel

OH E-slider


F-bay at sunset



Fuck nohanded, I do it nooneded

Puneta sequence


Yep that's probably all we've got for you today, so without further ado...



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