Thursday, July 9, 2009

Super summer surfing

Just about got back from my summer place - located on an island a little bit further up on the West coast - where I got to take a time out from work and all the hassle life in the city. Unexpectedly I got to sail a few times, with a killer session on Monday that had me urging for more; the water up there is not that flat (open ocean), so freestyle gets a bit more complicated than usual, which apparently came out to be a good thing. After some struggle with the humongous chop out in the open, I managed to find a somewhat flat (read: less choppy) spot between two islands, this was a good deal and I landed all my moves. In addition to just throwing regular moves - like I always do - there were a lot of nice big wake-waves from boats going by, that I could boost off of. It's always fun to go big sometimes.

Yesterday I got back home, and went straight down to the Hood where Ellen and I had a nice sail-spinning session. I'm actually learning a few new tricks in those conditions to, so it's a lot of fun, especially since Ellen's improving every time. After a few hours we got unexpected wind, and Mr Nikke got out with his kite to go high and land flat; that man must have pretty compressed knees, cause those landing do not have a lot of suspension from anything else... Ellen was sailing faster (!) than me, planing so early and effortlessly that it was just ridiculous. Things worked out pretty well for me too, and I think it's about time I started training new Switch-moves, since the Switch Flaka already is working pretty well. Overall, this was a sick day of about 6 solid hours of windsurfing with a many good friends.

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