Sunday, July 12, 2009

A new state of mind.

7 out of 7, in Sweden, powered up, much improvement and a hella lot of fun. How sick isn't that? I've always tried to imagine what it would be like to not be dependent on the wind, as much as your own drive or motivation. I wonder how far we'd actually be able to take it in a scenario like that...

This week's been the closest I've got to come to a conclusion on my thoughts about this; just non stop surfing, going hard every single minute - like it might be the last. This is a mind-state that probably only people in this part of the world have, because when you know that it's about to be good, you better be on your game or soon most certainly facing the long wait for a new opportunity. Go hard or go home, more or less.

Imagine going into every day, every session, every move with that state of mind, that motivation. Imagine every one of these days being the perfect day.

I improved so much this past week, just due to this mind-state. Even though we don't usually get to surf that much in Sweden, it doesn't have to be a thing after all. You just have to think differently.



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Anonymous said...

Var i hela kosmos var du i lördags?!?