Sunday, July 26, 2009

Island fun on a double-sick week

Whatup everybody! Long since last time on the Internet right now. I've been hiding out at my summer house, on the little island of Lyrön, where a lot of crazy stuff has been going on. No Internet, no phone, no connection to the real world. Pretty simple life.

So, first off I just want to take the opportunity to say sorry for not up-dating, even though I'm pretty sure that it'll happen again... Hehe.

When I arrived last Tuesday the wind was blowing quite good on a Westernly course, which is the best wind direction for my open-sea spot, located between my island and another one called Mollösund. Anyway, I got out right away - which means swimming for 15 mninutes to get through a narrow passage leading out of the little bay by our house. My boom was completely covered by jellyfish tentacles, which - for you who don't live in Sweden - stings like a motherfucker. Pretty ironic that I went for a Switch Chachoo right away and just slipped right off the boom, as it was sooo covered with those slippery things. Anyways, I went upwind to the place where I normally try to sail, and found some flat water and pretty sick wind, and just started going at it like i normally do. But, after some 15 minutes of doing moves back and forth, I heard someone shout: "Håkman!", and right there on the dock next to my freestyle arena I can see my Mr. Nikke and Hank running out with their stuff all rigged up. Pretty sick surprise! We sailed for a long while, until they decided that it was time to go, as they were on a little sailing trip with Hanks' boat. They followed me back to my house, where we parted and they continued their journey for the perfect West Coast windsurfing spot, which of course I already have found...

Two days after that we had some Easternly winds, which almost always that it's going to be crappy no matter what. Today, though, was an exeption. I got to try out my absolute favourite spot on the island, wich essentially is a really tiny bay, that has an even tinier beach. The only wind direction it allows is ESE, which today was the case. I had a really good time, training Bobs, GrubbyFlakas, Switch-Chachoos and double Spocks. I got a few things down that I haven't really got clear in my head before; taking the sail A LOT upwind for the Switch-Chachoo, ducking the Bob fully upwind, popping the Double Spock and so on. All in all, sick session!

That's pretty covers the sailing part of it all, mainly because I got ridiculously sick the day after my last session. The cold even made me stay home from work for an extra week. I stayed at my island house for a two weeks in total. What a great place!

Stay local,


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