Sunday, June 28, 2009

Triple time twice

Whatup. I just had a pretty sweet break from the wind, gone to the countryside to celebrate mid-summer and just hang out on the island. But, the thing is that I got a last session before I left the city, and managed to claim a few new moves...

I hooked up with the smallest Calle, who was on point like always - he's really stepped his game up (!) - and actually started throwing Ponches, which for me is a real ball buster as you really can break your ankles on a bad execution. Props to Mr Mini though.

To get back to the new moves: I've gotten pretty good at the Double Flakas by now, and can sometimes even plane out of them if I get enough speed. The thing today was that the wind was pretty crazy, full on 4.0, so I got spinning through my doubles effortlessly. Right out of nowhere I just spun round three times on one of the tries, no problems at all. Pretty sick. Triple Flaka. Later on I did the same thing trying a normal One-handed Flaka, which naturally spun into a planing double and I though "why not?" and just gave it a hard push into the triple. Claimed!

A few pics from Fredrik

Double Flaka

Mini-Ponch by the Mini-Man

Funny Crash

Looks like no wind for a few more weeks now, not too good. Not at all.



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