Saturday, June 6, 2009

Better than [insert superlative here] good

Oh my god. Best two days ever in the Bay. Totally mental conditions. I'm gonna try to put all of this into words, if I can find the appropriate ones that is...

There is nothing better than windsurfing; especially when you get spoiled with sickly sweet conditions, like the ones we got to rip apart during Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Northerly winds used to be a big maybe in the Bay, but after these two last sessions it's more than OK, it's possibly the most perfect wind direction possible for port tack freestyle. It all has to come together to create something epic like this though. We need pin-point NNW winds, a really low water state and bluebird skies, which is a whole lot to ask for (after all, this is Sweden) in a country where the definition of good weather is: "At least it's not raining!". Anyways, when it all works together it gets good. Seriously good.

Wednesday was sick, and had pretty much everything you can ask for packed into just one session: 5.3 sail spinning (heli-tack into back-to-back), powered 5.3 (going switch in the chop on the way out) and crazy 4.7 in Shitbay that easily would've worked on the 4.0. When I went from 5.3 to 4.7 and moved on to the bay of shit it all just got surreal, as the water was so flat and the power so huge. I felt like sailing on a ballroom floor; having water just smattering under the board without the slightest obstruction, allowing a slide so smooth that I hardly missed a move. Most of the time I was planing out of everything I tried. Insane feeling, really, especially when you realize that you're about to hit the beach in about 20 knots finishing a Double Flaka. Note that I claimed this session as my best ever in F-bay (and I've had my share of good days in the past).

Thursday was sicker. Way, way sicker. I don't know how to spell out just how good it was, but let's just say that the session the day before wasn't even on the same level as the shit that went down on this next to last work-day of the week. It played out in the same manner though, as we (me and Konstantin and a new kid on the block named Sofia) went out around 10.30. The wind picked up to a planeable 16 knots at around 11.00 and I landed some super clean Switch-Chachoos, Punetas and really up-windy one-handed Funnels. Even though it got pretty choppy I kept my shit together and got the best slides I've ever managed. Around 13.00 we went for some food, and when we got back out the wind really decided to play ball. The fo-seven was locked and loaded. I dropped into the bay of shit, got into the zone right away and then I just killed it. Spock into Flaka, One-handed Spock into One-handed Flaka, Grubby into Flaka, two or three close calls on the Triple Flaka. You name it.

Oh, and I was so stuck in the zone that I almost didn't make it to work (pretty hard to believe that I still did huh?).

Bästa dan.



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