Sunday, June 14, 2009

9 and a half...

This must've been the sickest day ever. I landed a new move, set a new TOW (Time-on-water) record and had so much fun. I think I got to sail with almost all my friends too - which makes it even better - though not really at the same time.

I biked down to the Bay at 9.30, arrived at ten to 9 and was set to sail at 10 o'clock, which most of the time is when the wind starts picking up. I was going solo for about an hour before some more people started dropping in, but the wind died down to only allow me to get planing in the best gusts. It's fun to see really how early you can plane if you just put your mind into it; I've always liked light winds, in contrary to most other guys, so I've naturally developed a style that allows me to get going and sliding quick, wind or no wind.

Fredrik from Kulingvarning stopped by to show off his massive... Lens! It was by any standards just fucking ridiculous. You can see the pictures he took down below, but finish reading first. Hehe. There was more than one camera in the air during this session though - I actually had three of them pointing right in my face, at the same time. Crazy. Something you do not really get used to in this country.

As the day went by the wind got better and better, so once I pushed through the 5 hour barrier it was like riding on a highway: just step on the gas and go. Shitbay was perfectly flat and full of crazy guys throwing even crazier moves, all over the place. When I passed my previous TOW-record (8 hours on Bonaire) MiniCalle showed up and impressed the hell out of me; he was throwing it down hard, stomping Flakas, doing smooth Cana Bravas and even a full speed Grubby. Fortunately I got to impress him as well, landing a Switch-Flaka with good slide, which felt pretty awesome! I got two of those during this session, and I was super happy as it was long time since I landed a totally new move, especially one that is so different in the execution.

The best surprise of the day came when I finished a super planing Grubby on the beach, and got the opportunity to ask two people what time it was. That was when it dawned on me that I actually had broken my old TOW-record. It was not like a five minute shave-off neither: I was one full hour ahead! So I just kept on going for a while, until I figured that it was time to get out of the water, because I going to meet someone half an hour later. Anyways, the final score was 9.5 hours. How does it feel. It feels goood!

Ok, now you can watch the pictures!

Disco-finger Flaka

Cana Brava





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