Thursday, May 14, 2009

Straight outta Fiskebäck - Friends!

It’s time to kick off a new feature here on SOF! From time to time I’ll tell you a little bit more about my windsurfing friends, be it the guys from Bonaire or one of the local dudes; you will get to know them and see what’s up in their lives as windsurfers.

To start things up I’d like to introduce someone who’s really, really new to the game, and hasn’t been on a board more than about 20 days in her life. She spent two weeks on Bonaire – where she learnt loads of stuff – and went from barely tacking on a big board to ripping in both straps and harness, doing Heli-tacks like it aint no thing, and even working out some light-wind freestyle like Upwind-360s and Boomerangs.

When she got back to Sweden (I guess you got this one figured out by now) she claimed one-handed Upwind-360s and Upwind-360 Diablos right away, and has already moved on to new tasks. She tells us that she’s currently working on Geckos, which might be a bigger bite to chew, but still not out of reach with a little bit of practice (and a more suitable board).

Yes, you guessed it right. This weeks’ friend is my little sister Ellen. She’s 15 years old, likes to ski and soon to be a high-school freshman. Her favorite board is the Starboard Flare 98 (of course) which she rode a lot on Bonaire. She prefers Gaastra sails as well, and is currently riding my old gear – Tabou 110 and a Poison 4.0.

I asked her about her best memory from her – very short though exiting – time as a windsurfer: “When I first did the Up-wind 360 I got this really nice feeling; it was pretty windy so when I spun round it just happened with a sound like: ‘swoosh’. Erik didn’t see it that time so I had to do it another time, and when he didn’t see it that time I had to do it again, but when I got it the fourth time he finally saw it. That was a nice day.” “Oh, and of course sailing with Kiri, Payo, Björn, Jörgen, Youp and all those guys in the Mangroves was pretty cool too!”

That's all for this episode of friends, stay tuned for the next one!

Peace out

- Mr Hawk

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