Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rest into shape?

Can you really rest yourself into shape?

that I went from 2 weeks without any sailing to a day of 8 solid 4.7-hours, I would say that it's not possible. I actually had to relearn some of the moves I could do blindfolded on Bonaire, even though it didn't take very long to make them stick again. A little bit of rest is certainly good once in a while, but if I could choose I'd probably sail for at least 2 hours every day; that's the right way to learn new stuff as you get really good consistency in the practice. This is not possible in Sweden though...

I've been working a lot on different Spock- and Grubby combinations recently, and have nearly managed to do them into Flaka. I wanted to do them on a really close up-wind course, which helps a lot to get a good slide, even though it makes the move a little more difficult. Anyways, when I do get it right the spin is just sick, and I can plane out of the move with good speed. I want to get doubles in both moves, but I think I'll have to practice some more to be able to get it. Need more wind!


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