Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look! Look! Look!

Yeah mayn! I'm back home in good ol' Sweden after three crazy months on Bonaire, where I learned everything there is to know about the windsurfing lifestyle, made a lot of great new friends and most importantly: how to slide like it's supposed to be done (now I just have to get a Starboard...). Props to Kiri and Payo for that!

This is the first edit (one more to come, nice huh?) shot during my last week on the island, when also my family was on the island to visit me. HUGE thanks to my dad Mats for all the sick sessions with the camera.

To all my friends still on the island, and those of you who've also gone back home: Thanks for an awesome time! See ya soon!

Ok, enough of the reading, start watching the video!


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