Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just another week?

It's been quite a while since I got on the computer now, but today I felt like I had to give y'all an update on my life in the Caribbean. I'm currently staying with an Italian and an Austrian guy (Francesco and Michi) and we have a good time working on our moves and discussing different aspects of windsurfing. Michi is the one making a documentary/action movie on the life of the Bonairian freestyle pros, which will be released somewhere around the end of this summer. Definitely something to check out when it hits the stores!

As for my progress with all the moves in the water, I can tell you that I've landed my first Willy Skipper - and crashed myself dizzy on a bunch of em too - and today almost closed a Bob. I've also been practicing the Switch-Chachoos in high winds, and some of them actually come out planing and with pretty sick style. The Funnel is also getting an improvement, and I'm learning to do it more like the way the Air-Funnel is done, so hopefully I'll be on my way to getting one of those too (in a not too distant future).

Oh, this needs it's own paragraph: I have landed my first double switch move! On a day with sick 4.7 - 4.0 if I had one - winds I got some really sick funnels, and felt that it might be possible to get a double if I just went hard enough on the first one; that's what i did, with a perfect sail duck followed by a high and clean first rotation. The second rotation just happened as i cranked the gear hard at the end of the Funnel and just slid around for a 900. I was pretty fucking stoked and just threw my shit on the beach and started jumping around.

I read on Steffo that the locals just started rocking it out in the F-bay again. Good going dudes, I'll join you in a month!



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Henrik Hagen said...

Gött Håkman!

Kan säga att här hemma har det fan inte blivit mkt surf och att localsen börjat droppa in i F-bay är en sanning med modifikation...

Bara jag och en till på vattnet, dem andra hade dratt för det var för kallt....... wankers!

Det var grymt faktiskt, überdrag i 4.7 från syd så det var snorplatt bakom öarna utanför riggdäcket.

Kom hem nu, behöver nån å surfa med å inspireras av...