Monday, March 2, 2009

Back on track!

Yes, I finally got to sail again today after a whole week of just sitting on the beach. I took the opportunity to play a little with my new Kiristyle 16 from Choco Fins, and it was incredible for in the light winds that were offered; I could do quick Flakas without jumping and barely without speed, also the switch moves worked a lot better because of the fact that the fin goes totally neutral in all slides. The decision to can my old fin came from Kiri, who told me that I was sailing too slow - I could tell, the kids were passing me! - but that I still had good speed in my moves. Anyway, I'm happy that this was brought to my attention, cause now I'm gonna take my sailing to the next level!

In an hour or two I'll go out again and sail some more!

See ya!


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