Saturday, March 21, 2009

2 months on Bonaire!

Wow, now I've been here for more than 2 months, and it's really improving my skills in the water as well as on land. I have so much more knowledge about the dynamics of windsurfing than before, which really comes in handy to make the learning process shorter for all the new moves.

I've been reworking the Switch-Chachoo for a while now, and can finally do it with speed all the way through. I've been trying to create a more smooth motion throughout the whole trick, where the sail dips low to the water and the board slides independently without having to push the move at all. To get this kind of movement, the key is to sail upwind with speed, and try to be super-fast with the hands.

I finally landed the Double-Puneta too, and got some really sick fast Punetas while trying to go round twice. In addition to this, I recently learned to do Puneta diablo 360s (the diablo part of the move is done like a Spock diablo, and you exit in switch-stance).

Yesterday I managed to land my first Kono, which felt really crazy as I've only been trying them for a little more than one day. Good going! This is a trick that I'll keep on practicing from now on, as the feeling is really nice at the same time as it's possible to make it really stylish.

Last but not least is the Bob, which I can almost claim by now. I've had some really nice tries with normal grip and just one-handed, but it mostly just ends up in a Volcano or a try for a full 360 where I have to push the rotation and fall in. But still, the ducking is getting efficient, so it'll not be long before I can put this one in the book as well.

been getting even more news about a few (one) brave locals who're trying to represent the hood even though the conditions are miserable; keep it up, cause when I join there'll be no more slacking off!

Check out this short clip, filmed by Davy Schaffers during a really light day.



Konstantin Erikson said...

goo kono!!!du är nog dålig när du är tillbaka. the new king of f-bay is born! sköna pics


Basse said...

Vilken jävla röv till film. När skall du lära dig plana pöjk!?


Skall bli kul att se dig i Viken igen. Keep upp det bra jobbet vettu!