Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi everybody! I'm currently sitting sick at home with some kind of flu, probably due to exhaustion from too much windsurfing. It is a well known fact - in which I didn't believe until just now - that even the best trained athletes have to rest, even though it feels like you could go on and on forever.

Like I said; I've been sailing a lot this last week, topping my previous record in hours on the water with an 8 (!) hour day, that drained my powers completely. I discussed this matter with my Italian friend Francesco, who also has had the same problems. We reached the conclusion that the only right thing to do is to go for; "less hours, more quality."

There has been some progression on the trick front nevertheless, with one-handed Funnel Cana Bravas, one-handed Esliders and Switch-Chachoos, and Switch-Chachoo Cana Bravas. Some of my favorite moves of the moment include Flakas, one-handed all the way, super fast Spocks with planing exit, and of course the Switch-Chachoos with good speed.

In addition to the above there has been some new arrivals and also some sad departures. We had Team the Bunch coming in just a few days ago, meanwhile my good friend Ted and his fellow Americans were headed home with their heads down.

On account of all this I hope that I can get well ASAP, and that the winds continue to blow my way for the reminder of the stay (now how about that rhyme)...

Oh, and just one more thing: I hope all the Shitbay locals are hanging in there, cause I'm looking forward to loads of fun spring-sailing when I get back home.

Mr. Håkman

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