Monday, February 16, 2009

My kind of wind...

Hey everybody! The wind has been insanely good since my last post, and I've been sailing about 6-7 hours a day for a whole week.

There has been a lot going on besides windsurfing too; our car broke down totally and is going to car-heaven, parties at the beach, new crazy people arriving, guys getting hurt and much more.

On the windsurfing side of things we've had really strong winds - over 20 knots - and the 4.7 has become my favorite weapon on the quest for my new moves. What's most surprising is that I'm starting to get really comfortable in strong winds now, which definitely gives a good advantage in speed and possibility to move on to double moves.

The ending of this past weekend we saw a little less wind, and I got the opportunity to learn how to do Switch-Chachoos with my 5.3 properly - I get these planing now by the way, and I can just tell you that it is A REALLY sweet feeling.

The percentage on my Switch-moves has been taken up a notch, I've almost landed a Shaka and managed to squeeze in a water-started flat water forward (third try). Right now everything just seems to get easier and easier all the time, and I can drop a hand in or add a diablo to a lot of moves; one-handed Funnels and Funnel diablos work more often than not, just like with the Punetas. The one-handed Switch-Chachoos and Esliders are currently in progress, as well as the diablo versions, but not far away. Another trick I've almost worked out is the double Clew-first Puneta.

Apart from the good conditions for the water sports there has been a other crazy stuff going on too. The Americans are out of their minds sometimes...

Here's a few picture from the latest photo-session.

Cana brava

Double Flaka


El Håkman

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Andreas Sundén said...

Rock oooon!
Stabilt seglat Erik!
Snygga shorts med ;-)