Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mangroves and moonshine

This week has been busy in a few different ways. The wind is not as stable as before, but there is always enough for me to go on a 5.3 and do some pumping. The big events for this week are (and have been): the round-trip, the moonshine photo-session, the huge nuke that is arriving tomorrow.

Sunday I went on a trip to see more of Bonaire, which was really cool because of the fact that I had my own personal tour guide; Cesare. I went together with him and Fra to a lot of amazing places, including a cave that has been closed to tourists for over 15 years (picture below). This was a crazy nature experience, as there are so many fascinating mangrove woods, huge valleys, small mountains and other out of the way places to visit on the island.

Yesterday was scheduled to be the day when the full moon would reach its peak in the sky, and the guys at Jibe City had organized a party and a night sailing session. This was a lot of fun, as the wind kicked in at the same time as all the clouds were wiped off the sky, and gave the perfect light-setting for a midnight photo-session. I hope that I can get hold of the pictures, but that remains to be seen.

Today was pretty sick sailing-wise, as I finally managed to dial in my Switch-Chachoos and nailed three pretty good ones in a row. The total Chachoo count for the three sessions I had today wold land somewhere in the 20s. Just for the record I would like to add that I crashed everything else I attempted. Some days you just rock and suck at the same time.

Peace out.


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