Thursday, February 5, 2009

A lot of fun

What's up? I haven't been able to post anything this week, since the I-net connection has been out of reach, but now I can finally tell y'all what's been going on over here.

The winds have been keeping up their good work from last week, and I've had the privilege to surf full on every day from Sunday until today. Saturday was one of the strangest days I have experienced on Bonaire so far; the rain was just pouring down and turned the whole island into a giant swimming pool.

With the winds given, I have been working on a few different moves. My Switch-Chachoos are getting better and better, as I'm catching the sail in the air and get good slides every now and then. The regular stance Chachoo is also starting to turn out as I want it to, even though I'm not close to landing one - I can catch the sail in the first 180, but as I land I'm all over the place, so that one will require some more work.

On the Flaka side of things I'm getting consistent on my doubles, and can go them in almost all conditions. The Cana Brava is another nice move that I'm getting the feeling for by now.-

The biggest thing so far will probably be the move I stomped all over the place today: the Shove-it. Two days ago I was sailing with Kiri and Davy - it was a sick session by the way - when Kiri went for a Shaka in front of me, and I just threw myself into the same move and got flying on the sail. I tried it a few more times that session, but today was the day I really dialed it good. Anyway, I picked my 4.7 in the morning, and went flying around for a while on the chop in the deep water area. This was when I first managed to pull myself back from the flying position into the upright stance. Later on the wind dropped slightly, and I rigged the 5.3 to get some power. Damn. I sprayed myself in the face a bunch of times when I stomped the landing after taking flight from a big chop. This move is so much fun to do, it feels really good too, and I'm definitely gonna keep working on it until I can get the Shaka as well.

I have one more thing I have to write before I go to sleep: There are two German guys here right now, making a movie together with the Bonaire Boys. They were filming Kiri on the beach when we were chilling out, and when he got the camera in his face he said: "Yeay mayn, welcome to Bonaire 2009 ya know. This year is sick action on the water. We have here the Swedish dude this year... He always look under the water, stupid mayn... Sailing good though." Haha.

How good can it get? Really?

Good night.


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Johan said...

Du får la visa tyskrackarna vart skåpet ska stå!