Friday, February 6, 2009

7 hour session

Oh yeah, finally some I-net up in this...

Yesterday's session was totally crazy; fourseven winds all day long with all the locals on the water. Oh, and I was in a pretty good mood after a day of about 7 hours on the water.

I worked on my Shakas all day long, which resulted in a big improvement, and I'm now able to get good hight even on the super-flats

Me and Frederik - a dutch guy who's working at Jibe City and is pretty handy with the cam - switched sides back and forth with the camera for like an hour, and the result is the pics underneath, plus a bunch more (like 2x Flakas and Cana Bravas) that I'll put up here later.

Shaka on the superduperflat

No-handed Flaka


How about that?



Anonymous said...

Fan va molnigt det är...



Anonymous said...

å herrejävlar va cleant håkman! Du är fan min nya idol! :)

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Anonymous said...

Bästa bilderna du fått hittills!