Saturday, January 31, 2009

Progression sessions

Yesterday was a good day, with 4.7 sessions both in the morning and the evening. Today was a bit weird, but it turned out all right eventually and the wind came to stay for a evening session on the big gun.

The rain is messing with my head sometimes, but when the sun shows up between the clouds it all gets better in an instant; the wind starts blowing steadily, and I get out on the water. When you're having a really good session you slip into a particular mind state, time just seems to pass by without you knowing about it, there is nothing on your mind but the moment - right here, right now.

On the 4.7 I managed to get 3 Switch-Chachoos in a row. The hard wind technique for this trick is a lot different from how it's done in light winds, which is something that takes a lot of time to get used to. I have had a couple of close calls on really powered up runs, but still no luck taking the move the whole way, even though it feels like I will get it right really soon.

The Double Flakas are improving a lot too, as I got one today that was sliding during the whole 720. Kiri told me I got a sick one yesterday too, so that'll have to be the proof that I've got this move dialed by now.

is fucking sick by the way, and I have to clear something up for those of you who have seen the new movie from Bonaire: The moves Kiri does in the video are not his best moves, they are the moves he land every time on a regular basis. Wanna know what insane stuff he can pull off occasionally? Hehe, then you'll have to wait for the 2009 PWA freestyle tour to start.

Tomorrow is laundry day in the Cesare household, so I'm probably not going on the water at all before Sunday (which is supposed to be another day of sick wind).

Now I'm gonna watch some ESPN.




Anonymous said...

fett hawk! Vore fett med nån bild på lite segling.
tomt i shitbay utan daj.


S-1988 said...

Haha go e du.

Jag ska fixa seglingsbilder så fort någon har tid att ta kort. Kanske imorrn eller på månda.

Ha de gött man.


Anonymous said...

Jag kan inte vänta på att komma till dig asså. Geckos med kiri. Ja men den e inte go eller så, naj naj.


S-1988 said...

Hahaha. Lär den va.


Johan said...