Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Oh yeah, it has been one hell of second week here on Bonaire. The wind is going nuts every 15 minutes when the clouds attack the island; the rain is just insane when it starts pouring, and everybody is running for cover under the palm trees or some random sails lying around. The air gets really, really cold due to this. I was wearing a hoody today, imagine that for a Caribbean island paradise...

Anyhow, today was another foursevenfullpower-day - that's the third in a row this week - and I made some more progression on my switch-moves; E-slider, Clew-first Puneta and Funnel planing all the way through. It is just a matter of time before I slide some Switch-Chachoos full speed into the Mangrove forest.

As there has been a lot of requests for pictures, I will give you the sickest one available at the moment:

Thats that.



Anonymous said...

haha snygga glajjor!

Såg precis en sjuk film på kiri å hans airfunnels.. Fett med nohand man!


Anonymous said...

fan va bra tajmat
har kollat läget på jibecitys webcamera några gånger.
vinden värkar grym vid lunch


Anonymous said...

Bästa bilden på breathbonair!

Va kul att det går så himla bra. Fortsätt så.

Ha de nice // Ellen