Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hakman on a mission

That's right. I just got off the plane on the infamous freestyle island of Bonaire, and I'm currently sitting in my friend Floris' living room.

I was very lucky to have my baggage arrive safely, without havig to pay a huge amount of money. The flight was really good, night flying is the sickest, especially when you have most of the plane (three seats!) all to yourself. I had a bit of trouble with the immigration at the airport, which Floris told me was due to me being too honest. I guess he's right... Hehe.

The wind hasn't been the best this season, but hopefully it will pick up in time for me to throw down some sweet new moves.

Hi Ellen, there were video games, movies and TVshows on the plane! Haha.

See Ya!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hej Erik!

Va gött att det fanns spel. Kanske ett och annat parti super smash bros?

Kör några geckos för mig.

Ha de nice // Ellen