Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting it on

Yesterday I sailed for a couple of hours without that much wind, just doing Geckos and a couple of Flakas, though it was really cool just to be back in this tropical environment. In the evening I went to the new place I'm staying at; a tent with dogs and cats inside. Crazy...

Today the wind was back in business and I rocked it out together with Davy Shaffers and some cool Italian guys. I got some E-sliders with really nice style. When you get to a new place like this, you always have problems with the sailing the first days, Kiri even told me that he has to warm up with some "easy" moves like Shakas before he can get up to his normal standard.

Today I got a new place to stay, with Ceasare, his girlfriend and their kid. It's a really nice house and they are really cool guys.

That's that.


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