Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy wind, crazy moves and crazy fun

We have been getting some planing sailing in now these last couple of days, especially yesterday when the 4.7 was locked and loaded. This place is sick when you manage to score the right winds.

Yesterday I got three(!) new moves, all of em related to the Flaka, which is my favourite regularstance move at the moment: Flaka diablo, Cana Brava and No-hands Flaka (after just one try, wohoooo).

See ya.


Andreas Sundén said...

Sick Hawk!
Var e bilderna :-)

CP said...

Jag är inte avundsjuk.. NÄNÄ!

Henrik Hagen said...

Spätt mannen!

Basse said...

Tur du flyttade ifrån katterna. Det kunde slutat illa!

Kör hårt mannen!