Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The twilight zone

Today I've got a question for you: How good can it get?

got the answer as well: As good as it got on Monday the 22:nd.

I surfed for 3 hours in perfect sunshine and nice cold NW winds, on a playground that offered both super-flats and nice ramp-like chop. Everything was just coming together perfectly, as I was super powered on my 4.7 and just threw it down really big; the wind angle allowed me to bust my moves two times on the way in, which was really cool as I got some nice fluent Grubbys and Spocks on the flats behind a small island outside, and then picked up some more speed to go for sick high Flakas on the ramps inside.

You wouldn't consider it a perfect day if you didn't get any new tricks landed, so here is the progression I made this crazy Monday: I took my Double Flakas to another level (planing straight through the whole 720) and also landed my first One-handed Flakas (one hand all the way, after just 10 tries).

The icing on the cake was the sunset, that shifted color as it sank in the horizon (which in Fbay is a big island on the opposite side of the bay) and provided me with enough light to go on surfing until the wind dropped. The sickest thing was probably the last 30 minutes, when the stars started popping out of nowhere and were reflected in the water. This was one nice session, I can tell you that.

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