Sunday, December 21, 2008

This is the F-bay Night Patrol

At dusk he showed up in the hood, a man on a mission, armed and dangerous. The objective was simple: Assault the shoreline under the cover of darkness. Not to complicate things backup had been called for in the form of a new Brazilian recruit, who was assigned for this particular mission and had been flown out to the cold Swedish West coast just to secure success.

The two special service agents, of the local underground movement, had disguised themselves as windsurfers. But they were not only going to observe the scene, and knew that they had to infiltrate the organization to reach their objective; they both got into the club house at the beach, where they were instructed that the supposedly top secret meeting of an unknown case was take place. After a thorough search of the facility the situation was declared out of danger. Face one of the mission was aborted.

When the two men contacted the HQ, the start of face 2 was ordered; affirmative in water action.

They surveyed the scene: wind, blowing steady from the South; ocean, cold and flat; visibility, zero. They reported the status and requested permission to move out. Green light. One look at each other was enough, they knew what to do. "Let's do this thing" was the last words spoken before the final face of the mission was initiated..

The events that followed have been labeled as classified information. What can be revealed is that there was a great amount of action going on as many moves were stomped clean on the deep, dark, dirty waters of the bay with a big F.

Agent H

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