Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teenage Mutant Ninja Surfshoes

After waiting like a m...f... the whole day I was really anxious to get sailing, which was what I did, together with Little Calle and a gradually - but speedily - setting sun. We got out at 14.40 and styled our asses of until long after sundown, which was around 16.10. It's obvious that the daylight saving time is working against us. Bummmer.

Anyhow, the session rocked and I stomped some pretty sick stuff in Calle's face. Here are the most memorable events (most of which was played out in total darkness): My planing jump-launch from the pier followed by nice Flaka 15 seconds later; My perfect E-slider 540 2 meters from Calle followed by a Spock 540 (one hand all the way) on the way out; My sick stomped Funnel in front a pretty mad Calle; Calle managing to fall in a second before completing a nice E-slider; All of Calle's crazy crashes! I'll tell you, this guy DOES know how to go for it. No mercy was shown in the Bay today.

And to finish off:

Do YOU always freeze your feet off before you land all your crazy moves? Do YOU want something to keep yourself and your feet on fire, that is still stylish enough to draw attention from the locals in the shower?

Do ya?


Then YOU need to go Mutant, Ninja Turtle style. These badboys will get you and your feet on the level for action and looking like YOUR favourite action heroes, whether it means stomping moves of fighting monsters. I can guarantee that O'neill will keep the action in the Bay hot this winter, boot and suitwise.

Suit up at O'



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Anonymous said...

Nice Hak!
lördag ser ut att bli brutalt.
jag joinar.