Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feet and finger freezing freestyle

No wind yet. Though there may be a front coming up for next weekend, or next month, or next year.. Or probably never.

Today was the FIRST day in the water for me in one whole month, which is a very very long time for someone with my standards; I always go spinning at least twice a week if there isn't a good forecast. Anyway, I had my big English lit. finals and managed to come down with a one week flu, which held me away from the bay even on the good days. Fuck!! I must've missed like four 4.7 sessions.

What I did today was to sail for 2,5 hours in a nice arctic breeze which got me planing thrice, nearly sticking a Sw-Chachoo. When I finished my feet were numb, just like my fingers. Good going.

Have it nice


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