Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dawn patrol - double or nothing

Just had THE sickest first day of Christmas break ever. I was down in the hood before the sun was up, and doubled up my style on the water. Here's a somewhat accurate recollection of the events:

06.30 Am. Wake up call.
07.00 Breakfast of champions (oath meal)
07.40 Fire up the car, tune in some pump up music.
08.00 Arrival in the hood.
08.15 Dawn.
08.20 Rigged and ready.
08.30 Full power 4.7 in the Bay.
09.30 Switch-stance parade: E-sliders, Funnels, Punetas.
10.00 4.0 in Shitbay.
11.00 Full power, perfect 4.0.
11.01 Throwing it down hard.
11.10 Double Flaka.
11.15 Another Double Flaka.
11.20 Yet another Double Flaka.
11.30 4.0 monster power.
12.00 Chaos.
12.30 Total Mayhem.
13.00 A scene that wouldn't look out of place in Pozo .
14.00 In the shower.
14.01 Feeling kinda good.

Night rider

426 coming at ya

Surfcompaniet represent

Tomorrow we'll get back at it again. You gotta love winter windsurfing.


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