Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in business

Today was the sickness! Good power 5.3, super flat water, perfect December sunshine, and Easterly winds... Say what? Yep, pure off-shore but still fucking perfect.

Scince I haven't been planing for a month, I was pretty stoked with the results of my 3 hour (temp: 4 degrees celsius water; about 4 degrees below zero above) session. I got some sweet full speed Spocks and Grubbys, a couple of E-sliders, nearly another Switch-Chachoo, and got to end the session with a planing Flaka.

But, the best thing was by far the sick sunshine and the crisp feeling of winter, even though I couldn't feel my toes or fingers. The numb toes was a big problem - as I'm pretty used to handling the boom without too much feel due too a lot of sailing with thick gloves - and I misplaced my feet all the time getting into the straps switch-stance.

Enough talk, let's check out the pictures from today, by Fredrik, that can be found on

This is where we rock:

And this is how we rock:

Peace and love,


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