Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who got wind? Shitbay got wind!

It was bombing down at the f-bay today!

Me and Cal had a crazy six-hour session, hanging on to 4.7s in what probably was 4.0 winds. Shitbay was a warzone; crazy dudes trowing their moves high and low all over the place, as the steadily increasing chop certainly added to the craze. Total mayhem. Gotta love it.

Mr Cal threw it down with emphasise today, he got a One-handed Flaka and finally cracked the E-code. It wasn't one of those slow ones either, nothing but a proper E-slider.

I got a lot of good Punetas, as well as many sick Flakas. Some Flakas were so good that I actually spun round twice, but the speed was just not high enough to get sliding through the full double. I want to stick it properly before I claim it, but some progress is definately made.

The best part of this Saturday was the insane shower fight I had with Calle at the surf club, no doubt. Haha. The fight had it all, a broom, a shoehorn, shower scraper, and of course some water.

I'll post the pictures we took today ASAP, stay tuned.

For now,


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Dåligt med uppdatering!!