Monday, November 10, 2008

Riders of the storm


...was the theme for yesterdays hardcore 4.0 SE-SW sailing, in a slightly more fucked up than usual Fish-bay; gusty winds (SE, what would you expect?) like never before, with chop from three different directions all mixing up into one heck of a roller coaster ride. The good news, though, was the flat inner section of the bay where sick switch-moves were thrown all over the place.

I had my sidekick (Calle) in tow today as well, who was hungover from attending some 14-year old girls birthday party the night before, and bit more exited about the almost gale force winds than I was. I've always had a hard time in really strong winds, probably due to my light wind oriented technique. Calle, on the other hand, is the opposite to me, as he can trow it down really hard in monster conditions while he doesn't even plane in the lighter winds.

Anyhow, we had a nice session, trying Forwards (haha), Flakas, Spocks and Grubbys with slightly undependable outcome. I didn't do too well though, until Calle had had enough and I put on my grand finale nailing a sick Puneta, followed by an E-slider. I was on top of the world, right where I wanted to be: In the zone.

I had been throwing the sail perfectly the whole day in my Funnels, but not really getting the slide right after the jump. This was not a problem now, as I gathered as much speed as possible, threw the sail, let it hover for a second, caught it, jumped, felt the fin just spin away in the landing, and slid it all the way home. Perfect!


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